NO TIME TO QUIT by Conrad Harley

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Dive into the heart-pounding pages of 'No Time to Quit' by Conrad Harley, a riveting saga that defies borders and weaves destiny. Conrad and Trinity, two exceptional souls raised worlds apart - he, a New York City ninja, she, a Japanese mountain-trained counterpart - share an unbreakable connection: the mission to thwart the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Chapter by chapter, the story unfolds as they navigate deceptive training, adapt to a world transformed by their humanoid doubles, and journey towards knowledge and reconciliation. As their individual paths intertwine, their collective courage and unmatched skills lead to an electrifying final showdown against the looming AI threat. 'No Time to Quit' is an unforgettable exploration of destiny, espionage, and the unyielding fight for humanity's survival - a must-read adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Get your eBook now and join Conrad and Trinity in their high-stakes battle to safeguard the world from the clutches of Artificial Intelligence.